In the middle age:  

From the Trendelburg in the Reinhardswald 

He was known far over all borders. In duty of different masters he came as a moving knight to the Morgenland.
Back from there he could not only tell about fights, murderer and death. He also could tell about different human beings getting together, friendships with people from different cultures which he found in spite of all hides.


Today he is telling about experience from the old times. About his own history in addition to historical happenings. About legends, myths and fairytales.
He is a bridge between once and now. The past becomes a life and the livings today is a part of it.

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There are al lot of combinations bookable in agreement with the castle Trendelburg, the castle Sababurg, the Reinhardswald and with the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.


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  ich bin Ritter Dietrich vom Reinhardswald